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When you partner with American Trim de México Limex, we commit to a very high level of quality and service for your program as evidenced by our key customer metrics:


Our PPM ranges from 0 to 30 PPM’s – depending on the customer. As good as these numbers are we will not rest until we have zero PPM for all customers and that is our commitment to you.


For all of our customers, American Trim de México Limex has achieved 100% deliveries on time.

Come visit American Trim de México Limex and see our operation first hand to gain an understanding of the unique blend of people and processes that allow us to achieve these excellent results.

American Trim De Mexico Limex
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American Trim launched their new website today – in English and Spanish. The purpose of the website is to highlight the capabilities of our operations in Monterrey, Mexico. We invite you to take a tour of the website and learn more about American Trim de México Limex.