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American Trim Locations

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Sidney Locations Sidney, OH

Sidney is our Transportation products and Decorated products hub.
Wapakoneta, OH
Wapakoneta locations Wapakoneta, OH
Wapakoneta is home to two American Trim Locations. PC3 focuses on plating and PC4 is a decorated products facility.
Lima, OH
Lima Lima, OH
Corporate offices are located in Lima along with a reseacrh and development facility.
Erie, PA
Erie Erie, PA
Erie houses our porcelain enamel division.
Cullman, Alabama
Cullman Cullman, AL
Cullman is our specialty finish and forming center. This facility is a licensed product center of the Alodine® EC2™ Process produced by the Henkel Corporation.
Mexico Monterrey, Mexico
American Trim de México Limex was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of American Trim. The operations were established to support our North American customer base and their strategies as well as provide for a cost competitive operation near the North American markets.

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